8 dogs at a time baby!!!!

I did it...i bumped up my morning training walk to 8 dogs....yesterday I did a 4 miler in the a.m. and a 4 miler in the p.m. ...they all did great...it was a great feeling ..we take up about 10 feet across all walking in unison...picture the Rockettes LOL

yep they are all sitting (not piper though)..he does really great 1 on 1..but part of the pack he has to always be the 1 standout..bella is between tilly and roca on the left....this is on blackstone blvd on the east side

this was taken as soon as we got out of the van and before we headed out...notice how all of the dogs are sitting patiently..oh wait...who is that sniffing the ground not sitting down...PIPER!!!! 
Piper has made so much progress..he came to me about 2 weeks ago..was not trained well and was a biter (of humans)..bit me the first few days when he did not like anything...i have not been bit by him in over a week...his usual triggers of him biting are not getting the same reaction..so this is good...

Bella helping out with a not so dog friendly pit bull...hey...look who is doing a downstay, thats right LUCY is