Down by the ocean

I have many clients that live on the water, today though...i captured a great picture of Roca running around the yard of my clients...after the session I let 4 of my dogs out of the van to run was a great feeling having them run around with the waves crashing behind them.

Bella, Uma, Roca and Max enjoy running around the yard by the ocean

Piper has been making lots of progress after 2 weeks but seems to still want to attack and maul my we move inside for training...last night was going well until  Piper lunged at them...I had him on a leash and gave him a correction but that was very I put a muzzle on him so we can work more productively .

Piper working well with Clover and Romy..he lunged a little bit after this was taken...

so we went to the muzzle...a basket muzzle is a great way to work with a allows the dog to still open up their mouth but keeps them from biting.

Piper is in a downstay while Romy is reading her books...Piper ended up falling asleep...meanwhile I had 4 kids running around the room doing kids stuff...I think this is going to work extremely well....does this mean that Piper will have to have a muzzle on when at home..Piper came to me because he was biting kids...he has made HUGE progress with his obedience work and he has learned some great calming skills and household is possible that when the family has other kids over the house he may have to have a muzzle on until he understands that he should not the life of the dog it is no big deal..but in the training of the dog it is is also a liability issue when you have a biting dog..

you can see Piper in the lower left corner with his muzzle on..the great thing about muzzles is it allows me to concentrate on his traiing and not worry about him biting the kids..we worked on this for about 1 hour tonight...this is ontop of his usual daily obedience work and exercise...each dog gets the same obedience and exercise program and then gets more focused behavior modification as needed...

Tilly got her stiches out today from her spaying..I brought her to one of my vets in Providence, Tilly is one of my NYC dogs up for some training.

Tilly waiting patiently at the vets for her turn...she has a rock solid downstay and lots of dogs where going in and out of the office.