Training Recall training is fun once the dogs get the concept of it I find it some of the most fun training to do with dogs...and when you have a pack of dogs that are all working on time gets turned into training our play yard all of the dogs run around to blow off some games with each in the sun etc...

This is some of the dogs playing in the yard..what I do is go to a place away from the dogs are playing and I call one of the dogs to Rocky, HERE!!!  and Rocky stops what he is doing and comes running to me, ironically most of the dogs also come running to me..which reinforces the recall command...

Roca hanging out with Rocky and Tilly as they come running over to me..

Rocky, Tilly and Roca come running over tome when I call them.

Rosco doing a downstay while Romy runs around as a distraction

Rosco doing great in Place while Buckley and Tilly are doing a sit/stay

Rosco doing a down/stay while Romy and Clover are distractions as Buckley and Tilly are in the background.

Tonight was Heartworm and Flea and Tick night, so all of my dogs as well as long term board and train dogs. I also cut the nails of about 1/2 the dogs. All of the dogs are doing well...tomorrow I have to go to PARL to pick out a dog for one of my clients...they have so many good dog that need to be adopted.

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