NYC again and loving it.

Its been a few days and a few dogs since I last posted...1/2 the family has been very sick...Romy has had a fever over the last few days around the 103 degree mark. Linda has been dragging which makes the whole family fall apar..she is all of our rocks and keeps the family went to NYC to drop off 2 dogs and to meet with a movie director...they want to hire Max and Uma to play narcotic dogs at in 2 different airport will see what happens..i have not heard about what the budget is..which will make the difference if I will do it...every day away from all of my dogs and my clients dogs is a good amount of money for me....also I like to be available to my clients every day of the week...

Romy cant keep up with the day and falls asleep....she tries so hard not to take a nap so she can play all day.

I met with a great family who has 4 dogs and after spending the afternoon with them...I ended up bringing back 2 of the dogs to start a training program....I am excited about working with this family since there is so much work to be done and it is fun for me to put together a training plan as well as a household management program for the family for the dogs.

Biriba and Mocha working on Place command Clover and Romy were walking around causing distractions..they did very well the first day with me.

They had a very structured day...long walks...obedience work...down time...socialization with other dogs..they worked on the Place Command (above) for over an hour inside the house.

Mocha and Biriba learning the difference between children toys and dog toys..the bear is not for them..the stuffed menorah is for the dogs.

So....I'm  sitting at a diner counter in NYC..I order a black coffee, and ice water, chicken parm sandwich and a side a elderly woman sits down to my left orders a ice water and a jelly donut....she starts using a knife and fork and cutting pieces off and eating them...I continue eating...another woman sits down to my right....orders a jelly donut and starts eating it with a knife and this some upper east side thing LOL..

the chick I'm married to..thats Linda with her little faux hawk

right across the street from my property is a huge open field, during the day I always run my dogs by playing ball...they run and run and run until they are exhausted...every once and a while I will yell "PLATZ" (their down command) and they drop...I keep them there for a few seconds to a few minutes...anyone gets up....I say NO...they drop back down...these dogs need to understand and respect the pack leader ME...i don't care how much they want to run and play and wrestle with each other...they need to listen to me and they do. I love this part of my day..4 large dogs running around free..running like a is beautiful..sometimes I actually get a tear in my eye...watching my pack.....

Rosco and Rocky working on downstays together...they both play hard together and train hard together...both are still young puppies between 6-9 months old...they are doing great with training and when they are not training they are playing

my newest dog toy for the playing is a 12 pound bowling ball with a handle on it..the dogs pick it up and carry it around...most dogs can barely move it but they keep trying..they get stronger with it each is great for building up their neck muscles and their jaw strength....i don't leave it up on the post..I just put it up on the post to take the photo..

well....its raining today....which I love to work in...gotta go

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