Oodles of poodles

On the way back from NYC the other day, my van just did not feel right..so into the shop it went today....I need a new engine in the van...it is ready to go on me...bad timing and all..oh well.....you might be thinking just get another van..it does not work that way with me. I love that van..it is part of me and my business...If I bought another used van it would have its own set of problems...the van has more than 200K miles on it...I use it daily to make my living training dogs...it is a moving billboard for me...so...if there was any time any of my clients wanted to refer some new business to me...now is the time to do it LOL

today was a warm rainy day and the dogs all worked hard....they had a great time in the rain...

As you all know when heeling your dog and you come to a stop, your dogs should automatically sit next to you..as Biriba and Mocha start working on with Keeley.

Biriba tries to blend in with the furniture outside, it worked...one of the dogs went over to the chair and peed on him...LOL
It was Jaeger...he's not fixed and he pees on everything

Biriba in the middle of his 5 minute sit/stay....thats my boy....5 minutes BABY!!!!!!

While I was working in the yard today with the dogs...Clover wanted to come outside and work with the dogs..she was still in her PJ's so I told her she had to get dressed first...a few minutes later she yelled out that Linda was sleeping on the couch (she is still sick)..so I told her to get dressed herself...and this is what came out the front door about 10 minutes later.

Tadaaaaaa  the latest in rainwear for toddlers...

Biriba and Mocha in the PLACE command and Piper in a downstay...

working in another part of the property...again Biriba and Mocha in PLACE and Piper in downstay

Oodles of poodles in PLACE...they worked great together....they played great together

So tonight and tomorrow I do my search for an engine for my van...ironically I just got 2 clients while I was writing this..one by email and one by phone...yahoo....so I leave it all in your hands to send me some new business...or else Ill be showing up at your house on a bicycle LOL