NYC in a snowstorm

I brought back Mocha and Bariba to NYC so they can spend the holidays with their you all know my van is still in the shop so I rented a 4 wheel drive pick up truck to get to NYC in order to make sure I made the trip no matter what the weather was was a great trip..I left at around 2 or so in the afternoon...and came back around was a nice trip..i also brought max with me which was nice since we don't get a lot of 1 on 1 time was really messy driving south into the city...RI and northern CT were in rough shape..lots of really bad accidents and sliding around...being raised in Cleveland Ohio not only do I have a great appreciation for Rock and Roll music but I learned to drive in it was lots of fun.

Driving back was a little challenging since it was a getting late and I was tired..I was able to do a quick install of one of our Sirius radios into the rental truck before I left and channel 19 is the AC/DC channel...thats right 24/7 with no commercials....playing it so loud that my taint was tickled I was able to stay awake..

as soon  as I came home I let out all of the dogs..and when I came upstairs the Clover and Romy had woken up and where they finally went to bed and I am sitting writing my blog...still wired from the coffee I consumed while driving...I'll get up early to plow out the driveway and walkway with the snow that accumulated while I was in NYC.

Romy out in the training field this week...before the snow storm..breaking in her new snow boots...