Happy Holidays to All

Today I went to my mechanic to pick up the van...after 2 weeks of waiting for parts and doing the repairs it looked like I was set to go....major repairs were done to the engine and the coolant system as well as some other much needed repairs...after it was started up and came up to temperature...coolant started leaking out of the engine...oops....so.....new engine is needed....and it was ordered today....it will take a week to come in from California and then it will have to be installed...but it had to get done....so as I sit down writing my blog a little sad thinking about my van (it is a major part of my business) traveling up to 700 miles a week going clients....I realize how wonderfully happy I have made so many families this year..

The best part of going to peoples homes and putting together and implementing a training play for family and canine is that I am ending stress and bringing happiness to families.

So I wait another 2 weeks to get my van back....the great thing is that I should be able to put another 200,000 miles on this new engine that I will be getting.

This week my Board and Train dogs only have a few dogs...next week is different as a pick up 4 dogs from 1 family...one of my NYC clients..it should be lots of fun to work out each dogs issues and turn them into 1 cohesive unit ready for NYC living...

I just received an email from one of my clients whose dog I worked with and has been burning up the competition floor both in show and sporting awards..

Ringo has been awarded many Best of Breeds and Junior Hunter titles and will be shown at Westminster in February...thats right Ringo is going to the Big Show....Congratulations and I am glad I could have been a part of it

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