Finally another video

I have finally gotten another video done of Roca..if you remember he is the 10 month old Akita that was surrendered to me from his owners since he attacked after I published the first video..i received numerous unwelcome advice, even from someone who worked with him in the far as i'm concerned that person does not understand Roca and actually contributed to his bad behavior...some people would say that I was taunting him when I went into his kennel with my protection sleeve....assholes....every time I would go to his kennel he would growl and lunge at me..and I never back down from ANY I did this to protect myself...Roca's breed was bred to take down large bear...I fear no dog and I am not a armchair dog trainer...I also have fixed so many dogs that have been to every New England dog trainer, behaviorist and my favorite one Tufts who seem to have gotten a bulk discount on prescription pads since they are writing a hell of a lot of is my video of Roca

this is a youtube video

this is in quicktime and goes into takes a while to download but the image is better than youtube