The Hamptons and back

"what the duck!"  max and I both are a little confused

I picked up 4 dogs from one of my clients in the Hamptons and took the ferry out of New London and drove through wine country of Long Island out to the Hamptons for the pickup....I brought Max with me since we have not been spending alot of time together one on one...

Max and Biriba up on deck with me...the rest of the dogs were in the truck enjoying the ride...Biriba is only 6 months old all of 5lbs...and Max did a great job watching out for him...

Romy who just had her 2nd b-day on the 26th of December and is loving her new kitchen...linda has gotten all wooden toys for both Clover and more plastic books and wooden toys...

Max (in the middle) is one of the NYC dogs has issues with other dogs is learning some playing skills and doing great.

Roca greets Sebastian who is part of the 4 dog pack from NYC..

Great photo of Sebastian....he is a little reserved and stays back from the action....he also needs to lose about 6 pounds which he will..another thing about being at my facility is that dogs get into GREAT shape.

Max holding court with Billy, Tilly and Roca..."listen I live in an apartment high rise, I have to take an elevator downstairs, no grass...No I don't have a backyard...I pee and poo on the's thats what those yellow cars are...."

I had this picture and thought I would put it up.....this is Roca...He is stunning

more dog play.