Fenway isn't just in Boston

I had another new dog come into the kennel and he has some aggression issues that need to be worked out as well as a intense obedience training. The first day he was with me he was a little cautious.

You can tell that Fenway looks a little stressed...so what do I do? I do with him what I do with all dogs that don't want to go out into the play yard and be social..I put a leash on them and drag them out there and tell them to get over it....."What" thats so mean Jeff!!!!!

shouldn't you baby them and give them lots of affection and pet them and tell them everything is OK ?

NO, NO, NO  that is the worst thing to do......you are then reinforcing ie: traiing your dog to be afraid...and in the wild that dog would be left behind...the pack is only as strong as it's weakest member...

How affective is this method..

Someone looks happy 2 hours later.....and it just kept getting better and better...at first he did not want to come  out of his kennel and I had to drag him out of that as well....now...he waits nicely by the door...I open the door and give him the OK and he comes out  all excited to come out and train and play.

He has  fallen into the pack and is working hard on his training...i am figuring out what his triggers for aggression are so I can work on them.

Fenway working on his downstay...

Fenway working on his sit/stay....he is very receptive to my training

Getting ready for his big 4 miler with Roca and Jessica

I did some off leash recall training with 6 dogs at a training field I use...all dogs off leash and playing and then I call them back to me...sometimes one at a time and sometimes all at once...this duplicates any dog/owner off leash park, beach, woods play that you would want your dog to come back to you with distractions.

Roca, Tilly, Bella, Buckley, Uma and Max enjoy their balls in a downstay....before I release them all for more play......

All dogs run to exhaustion and then head back home for some R & R

Bella and Uma going after the same ball....they are always competing for toys, balls whatever.....both have incredible drive....