It's a great snowy day in paradise

Roca spent the whole day out in the snow...he is loving it

The dogs love the snow......something primal comes out in dogs when they are in the snow...we had a big day today....everyone got in big training walks this morning and then it was lots of training and playing in the snow. 

I made great progress with all of the dogs....I found one of the triggers that Fenway has....he gets very aggressive with other dogs when we go back into the kennel. It is like having 4 or 5 dogs go into a funnel that has only room for 1 dog..most dogs don't care about this...most dogs respect each others space...and NO dog in my pack is allowed to be aggressive at this found a also continued on into the kennel with him growling at dogs and going after escalates...

so what do you think I did? 1) did I keep him isolated when he goes  in and out of the kennel or 2) role play it and have him go out of the kennel with other dogs over and over again while I worked on the issue.

#2 of course...and with my training methods thrown in, Fenway worked through this issue and tonight when it was time to go into bed for the night......Fenway was off leash and in the same situation that triggered problems either outside the did I fix it...NO...but I did communicate with him that it is not acceptable to be aggressive and he we work on it every day..

Fenway working on PLACE with the distractions in the middle of the snow storm

Fenway in PLACE with all of the other dogs running around and as you all know it does not matter...the other dogs are running around in the snow...going up and sniffing him....getting onto the mat and Fenway is not allowed to get off of it...

Fenway in a downstay in the training yard.....same situation as above...he did great..

Fenway having some free time..

Biriba all of 5 # of him look for the best way to navigate the snow.....

A typical scene out in the snow.....proper social skills are so important for dogs....the great thing about my pack is that dogs learn from my well behaved pack..

I'm out with the pack....all loving to do something I ask them to do for me...this makes training easy for me....keep in mind that I don't require dogs to like me...just respect me...and they do...that is why they listen...I rarely give out your standard hugs and kisses....and I never give out treats....I don't even own any.....if you look at the picture could think that I was handing out treats..but I am not..they are looking for me for approval...for praise...for a kind word....or just to make eye contact...this is true communication between man and beast...or as my wife says beast and beast