8 days a week

I recently hired another assistant at my kennel for my Board and Train part of my business...this means that not only are the dogs at the kennel getting much more exercise and training but Sunday which was sort of a casual day for dogs...mostly exercise and play and lots of downtime, has turned into a training day....all of the dogs love it...they are happy to train for us.

Tonight was flea/tick and heartworm time....all dogs with me get all of their monthly treatments....so like a well oiled machine......

I made some great progress with Fenway today.....he did work inside the house today in the kitchen working with my kids and we went through some role playing with the PLACE command.

Fenway doing great with the PLACE command

Romy was doing a lot of running around the kitchen and Fenway did a great job of not moving...

Fenway is looking quite content...considering this was the first time he was in the house and our house is always crazy with kids running around and Fenway did great..

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