Sleeping in NYC

I had to go to NYC tonight to bring home Tilly and Buckley. So after seeing my at home clients and finishing up with kennel dogs I headed to NYC arriving around 9pm I dropped off the dogs. They were very happy to be home, while I was going to leave though they started coming with me to my van...its always nice to bring home dogs, Buckley and Tilly have spent about 8 weeks with me over the last few months while their owners traveled.

I also brought Billy with me, there is someone that might want to adopt we are staying overnight, meeting at 8am and then heading back to of my clients has a few hotels in NYC so I was able to stay in one of them with Billy. My van is still in the shop, it has been 1 month already..i am still waiting for a new engine to come out from California.

Billy did great...he is only 8 months old. I did not let him walk around the room much..he had to stay in PLACE. He did great and stayed there all night long.

Billy in a downstay while I got a nice breakfast ...this is why I train dogs to do the commands so SOLID.