Fenway Video

I have had Fenway for about 10 days, he is a male Norwegian Elk Hound who has had some resource guarding aggression issues with his family. The last issue was he went into the trash in the kitchen, grabbed a ham skin out of it and then when someone went to get it out he fiercely growled and most likely would have bitten them if they went to take it out....this was the last straw for the family and they called me. As soon as I brought him to my rehab facility and started working with him I realized that he would have a high success rate of getting back into the family successfully. He has been responding to my training wonderfully and I am excited with each days progress...

You can see that from the first part of the video in the snow...Fenway looks like he is a little afraid...he may be....he gets over it...all dogs that I work with do...I don't baby the dogs...I find that when I stick with MY PROGRAM, the dogs learn faster and retain the behavior. This is why I don't use food in my training.

Pay attention to how fast Fenway is doing his commands, he has really great focus and is enjoying the work.

this is a direct link to youtube..

you can download the above video and put it into your Itunes so you can play it on an Iphone or Ipod..it does take longer to downlad it is a 6 minute video.