Sunday....tired...and so are the dogs

Sunday has been a very busy week.....a couple of new dogs came into the kennel for some training and I have a more new clients that started  with my at home training program...It has been incredible how busy I am...working 7 days a week NYC and Boston area business is also getting busier and staff is also working extra hours at the board and training along with me. Dogs are worked 7 days a week.........most were given massages this weekend and they LOVED them....Jess is great at canine massage

Blue taking a break from training with some 1 on 1 play with me....

Blue working on his downstays with lots of distractionsat a very busy corner

Brady who came to me yesterday from a Boston client has some nipping issues with we will work on that as well as all of the obedience commands that I work with all dogs

Brady getting lots of praise after coming to me from 20 feet away

getting used to kids as well as learning to stay on his PLACE will be important for Brady...this is how he will great people coming into his home...away from the door so he wont jump and nip....this is in our I am role playing opening and closing the front door..knocking etc.....he did great on his 1st day of training..

He is a great player with other dogs...he fits right in and plays...he has separation issues though which is keeping him from going to work with his owners....which they would like....we will be working on this as well..

I don't see any rest in the future as I get more and more inquires every day...more people looking to do board and train..........this week has been hard on Clover and Romy they both have been sick and have not been able to shake it...up and down fevers, coughs etc....

This morning they were up at 4:30am and came down to bed....I woke up this morning feeling fingers on my back....they were both picking there noses and wiping them on my back...what they learn from Linda is incredible.