Vogue for the camera

I caught a couple of the dogs in some great poses today.....even with the snow the dogs are out most of the day training and playing...some dogs just hang out in the sun and others are always running around playing, play fighting etc..

Billy who is up for adoption loves to play in the snow...his best friend at the moment is Roca who is my Akita...they are both about the same age...10 months old

Fenway checking out the action...he has been with me for a little more than 2 weeks. He came to me with some pretty big resource guarding issues which led him to bite his owner....

Brady doing a great sit/stay he has been with me for just a few days but is taking to training extremely well..

Brady doing a downstay the way its supposed to...if you look in the background you can see some other dogs..they act as great distractions..running back and forth.

Thats Brady in PLACE....he is about 30 feet away....after about 5 minutes I called him to me and he came running to me..tail a waggin'

Little Biriba all of 5lbs hanging out with the big guys....sometimes clients worry about small dogs mixing with big dogs...I treat them all the same though...a dog is a dog is a dog...my biggest dog which is Roka who at 11 months old is about 100lbs loves little dogs

Billy and Roca spend a HUGE amount of time wrestling around....the play fight for hours and hours...did I mention that Billy is available for adoption...

I am constantly training dogs...at the moment I am eating my breakfast....so of course I bring a dog in and put him in PLACE I use every opportunity of my day to train dogs...