Even dog trainers take ballet

Every Saturday Clover has ballet and today was observation day which means I could go and watch her. The last time she had an observation day I missed it since I was doing a dog training demo for families at Hasbro Childrens Hosptial. So I was excited to see her. My oldest daughters who are 19 also took ballet and I used to watch them so it brought back lots of memories

One of the dogs who attacked his owner has been doing really well, Fenway has been working on his indoor skills and is doing great in the PLACE command...he was in it for 2 hours today while I hung out with the kids and I was also able to get some calls made and computer work done.

Clover shows Romy how to properly pet Fenway...he is a different dog since he first came to me 3 weeks  ago...he is learning some great calming skills

Fenway in his PLACE while I read the morning paper...I often left the room, went outside to rotate dogs in and out of the kennel. Went upstairs to my office, the girls were running in and out of the room and Fenway did not move at all..

Romy and Fenway have grown really close....she is always running around him..Romy feels so comfortable around Fenway. Fenway is always gentle with all of the kids that are around me.

Thats right its ZERO outside and I don't care....we work and work and work...dogs need to be exercised mentally and physically every day...

I just sent out another email blast with a new division that I just started up in my company..so if you have not gotten one today that means you are not on my list..so you need to sign up..