My van is!!!!

so after 5 weeks my van is out of the shop. I f you are not familiar with my van it is a 1989 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia, I use it as my mobile office...I drive 6-8 dogs around and sleep in it when I am in being without it sucks...

My engine needed to be replaced..

So the following work was done..once it went on the lift I decided to just get everything done that I had been holding back...and it took 3 weeks for the motor to come in.
New Motor and Flywheel and heads
New Coolant system
New Water Pump
4 new gas powered shocks
2 new tires
A new Clutch
Upper ball joints
Control arm bushings and a bunch of other little things....

I had to go to NYC on Sunday.....yes..that day we had another snow storm...which reminds me....exit 88 heading south on 95 at the end of the exit turn right and there is a Marriot..inside is a Starbucks....yeah baby...

The great thing is it was a Sunday and I still had the rental truck which is a 4 X ended up only taking me 3.5 hours

Mocha, Biriba and Sebastian are heading back home to NYC

Some new dogs came in this week and we are having is always great to have new dogs come into the facility...

Halo, Frisbee and Cinqo enjoying the cold weather...they came to me very untrained...hyper..barkers...not housetrained and I love dogs like many things to work on..

Frisbee has been a great player..fitting in with all of the other dogs

Frisbee and Cinqo enjoy some play time