Lots of pictures

It has been a really busy week......I am so tired so I am just going to post up some pictures...I have nothing witty to say today..

I have a client that has 3 dogs and when they go on a walk they are very reactive to other dogs to the point where they will attack each other since theyy have so much energy...so  I use Roca for some help inthe training

Roca chases Frisbee around the wood pallets..they have a great time together

Didn't the brochure say something about sandy beaches? Sorry Halo

Frisbee and Roca playing hide and seek

Jess helps out with distraction training

I of my new services is canine massage....Sadie is a dog that last week would try to bite its owner if she even tried to touch her ...and this week Jess is giving her a nice massage with no problems...if you are interested in a canine massage you can email me at jeff@solidk9training.com or call me at 401.527.6354.

Tonight clover made pizza all by herself...she spread out the dough...put on the sauce...put on the cheese and put it in the oven...while it was baking she filled up glasses with water and squeezed little pieces of lemon in it and then served dinner...it is so cute...it's about time she started cooking dinner considering she will be 4 in a few months...Linda and I are both tired of waiting on her every day...next week she learns how to do her own laundry

in last weeks snowstorm...the kids went sledding...good times...good times


Roca playing like the fool he is...Roca is doing well...he still attacks me at least 1 time a week...no problem....I just head right at him...get ready for a bite and he only lunges at me 50% of the time.....so we make progress and we have so much fun together...he has been going to the beach to run lately and really enjoys the time...