Great day for the beach

Today with temperatures in the teens it was a great day to go to the after one of my clients I let part of my pack out and run on the beach....its funny...everyone knows I am an intense clients always ask me if my dogs ever have fun....I try to get more out of them what they actually mean....people think that just because I have well trained dogs and that they are always with me that they don't have is important to know what is important to dogs..and being part of a pack is huge.....and having a pack leader is important and this also makes life easier for them.. So not only do my personal dogs go on 4-6 miles of structured walks a day...but they also run in the woods and today is a good example of the fun they have...The great thing about having dogs that are well trained is that you can let them run off leash and know that they will come back to you....

bella, uma, roca and max enjoy the ocean today

Roca running along the shore line chasing the water fowl...he ran right into the water

Roca navigating the ice on the beach

today while I was doing some work in my office...romy loves to hang out with me.....she was still in her pj's we have a good time together...

keep in mind that your dogs need exercise everyday...beaches are a great place to go this time of year...they are not crowded and the people that are on them so take advantage of this..we have so much coastline all within 30 minutes of most people in the state.