Dog for adoption

I have a few dogs that I am looking to adopt out. I often have families turn dogs over to me because they know that I am able to find good homes for dogs and a lot of my clients want 2nd or 3rd dogs and I make sure the dogs are trained prior to going into the home. In  a few weeks I will have Lyric available for adoption..he is a 8yr old male Pit Bull, he is fixed and will be up to date with all of his shots. He is housebroken and will no all of his basic commands....he has ZERO aggression to people and other dogs.....I make sure that I try to get my adopted dogs stressed out in different situations to see how they will react under pressure. Lyric is learning some wonderful social skills and plays extremely well with other dogs.

He has been very social with other dogs..and loves to spend hours of time running with the other dogs

Lyric and Gunner play with one of the hanging toys in the play yard

this is Kelly a 14 week old Burmese Mountain Dog. Today I had Kelly run around with Bella who is one of my dogs...I feel that it is very important for puppies to be around other dogs in a positive I use dogs that are in my pack that would never act aggressive with puppies. I realize that vets say to wait until puppies get all of their shots...but I feel that the social importance of getting your dog to know how to play with other dogs and not be afraid of them outweighs the health risk...I am not advocating taking a young dog to a dog park but having other dogs over to your yard whose medical history you know.

Someone was working on Sit/Stay today...I started working with Kelly at 9 weeks of age and progress has been great...
Kelly is not one of the dogs for adoption but a clients dog....
The other dog I do have for adoption is Billy who is a 11month old male Rotty