Can you hear the Ocean Calling?

I had another client down at the beach in Middletown today...this dog has a tendency to get aggressive and go after other dogs. It has been pretty intense...yep tooth on what do we do...we keep working on philosophy is this...How can a dog attack another dog when they are in a proper heel? so..we start working and working and we have been making great progess

This is huge...Sara ( a very large mastiff) would go after dogs that got this close to you can see she is not even looking at Roca...we did this exercise over and over again with 3 of my dogs and each time we were able to keep her focused on looking forward or looking at her owner..we also did the same thing with Sara in a downstay which worked out great as well..keep in mind that I don't do avoidance training.....alot of other trainers tell you to avoid the situation that your dog has a problem with...I am just the opposite I hit it head on..

Putting dogs on the opposite side and making sure the dog stays in a heel and does not cross in front of its owner is just as important so you do not trip over your dog...keep in mind that I do not use food in the training...other trainers will tell you to keep giving your dog treats to keep them distracted....that is one of the stupidest things and also very dangerous things that you can you are rewarding your dog for being aggressive or having aggressive thoughts.

Uma and Max in a downstay on top of a seaweed covered rock outcropping...they had a great time at the beach yesterday..

this is what a happymax looks like

he loves the ocean...he dives right fear of water at all..loves the crashing waves

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