Picture perfect day

Today was so warm outside which made a lot of snow melt...which also exposed a lot of poop...we are constantly cleaning our yard of poop...sometimes it gets hidden up though...so today with the warm weather and I lot of snow disappearing  a lot of snow both big and small was opened up so with rake and shovel and bucket I hit the yard and loved it...I was also able to rake the peastone around which has not been done since the start of the winter.....so the dogs just ran and played and I took some photos  of course.

Frisbee and Halo checking out the dog play from the deck....this deck was recycled from an above ground pool that we had prior to putting in the in ground pool...it has been put to great use.

Roca and Frisbee discussing if they like bottled or tap water......thank god they don't like bottled

Gunnar getting chased by roca and billy...Gunnar is doing well...though he is only 11 months old..and not had a lot of experience with other dogs...he is getting better at stepping up and letting dogs know when he does not like what they are doing...keep in mind that dogs pick on the weakest link....so everyday Gunnar is getting better and better..I am guiding him through with confidence builidng exercises...

Cinco is giving Roca a good tooth cleaning after Roca just finished eating one of the small dogs (joke)....I am always surprised at how many people ask me if the small dogs get along with the little dogs.....yes...yes.....yes....and with Roca especially who loves little dogs

Cinco and Halo hanging out in the box seats....

Lyric (who is up for adoption) drinking from the water bucket...I love this bucket it is available at Tractor Supply and has a heater coil that keeps the water from freezing

Lyric (who is up for adoption) is doing really great...loves being out with the other dogs and loves the 1 on 1 training...he came to me with some yeasty ears but I am treating him with some ear meds..

Gunnar doing PLACE like he is supposed to

who is that doing a great downstay while I am about 30 feet away....he was in a down/stay for a while

and this is what he looks like up close....gunnar is enjoying the training....he has such high drive it is incredible..even after a long day of work and play he still wants to go and go...