Beach distraction training

I did more training on the beach of my clients dogs who is  aggressive towards other dogs just keep getting better and better with each training session...Sara stayed in a downstay when she was supposed to even with high level distractions of dogs running and playing within inches of her as well as with ball play and her owner running around with my dogs which is a huge distractions..

this went on for about 15 minutes with my clients running around with my dogs..throwing a ball into the water and max and uma running around..

Max and Uma coming out of the ocean..they both went swimming today into the ocean to chase tennis balls

Max, Uma and Roca play while Fenway heads the other way looking for fishheads to eat

Fenway, who just came back to me for a 1 week refresher course is doing great with his off-leash work hangs out with his best friend in my pack Roca..they 2 of them love playing together

Fenway had a great time at the beach today...he is doing really well with his off leash recall

3 of my 6 daughters...Lucy who just turned 13 this week, Clover (3) and Romy (2) rocking out the hand me down clothes and yes Lucy is wearing pink combat boots.....rock out Lu

Happy Valentines Day to all of you...

Training w/clientsJGellman