Just Exist

The last couple of days I have 3 dogs from one of my training clients with me. I usually do not do something like this for a short term...but I thought it would be fun to work with them on my property. All 3 dogs usually get walked together and when they see other dogs they go absolutely nuts and actually start fighting with each other...which is where I come in and start working with them at their house and in the neighborhood that has people running inside, grabbing their kids and picking up their dogs when these 3 come down the street...LOL

So when I had the opportunity to have them for 3 days on my property...I jumped at it....also them being an active duty military family has a lot to do it since I feel we all should be doing something to do our country and since I don't pay taxes....I had to do something...

This is Gus who is a little hair raised at the thought of meeting some dogs

Sadie....is she sniffing around for trouble?

Gus towers over Roca...

all 3 dogs did great with my pack....at first I put them out with just Uma and Roca who would never start a fight with them but if a fight did happen the two of them would not get hurt since they have some awesome fighting skills LOL

Roca greeting Gus in a way that lets Gus know that he is not one to mess with but will accept him in the pack

Roca with Gus, Bob and Sadie all getting along

Uma loves to play, she will stand waiting for another dog to play tug of war

ah.....Gus approaches thinking that he can get the ball from Uma...

Nope not today....

meanwhile romy is getting dirty in the sandbox...first sandbox excursion since the snow melted

this week I will have a booth at The Flower and Garden show which is from Thursday the 19th to Sunday the 22nd www.FlowerShow.com I am in Booth 110. I will have a couple of the dogs that I am trying to adopt out as well as running some training package promotions so if you have not hired me yet...now would be a good time to hire me.