Yelling and screaming on day 2

Day 2 of the RI Flower Show
I am having a great time..the dogs are having a great time....I only pissed off a few people...I thought it was funny...she did of the women standing looking at the dogs came up and said "I don't like pit bulls" naturally I said to her.."how do you feel about jews, blacks and hispanics" She got so pissed at me and left in a huff....

so many kids were in my booth giving the dogs lots and lots of love..most impressive was Fenway.....keep in mind that he came to me as a very aggressive dog possibly going to be put down or rehomed....he is doing great as you can see with the pictures

Fenway did wonderful...Fenway must have gotten petted by 300 people today...always stayed in a sit/stay or a down/stay..whichever I wanted him in..

yes it has been a long day..everyone has done a great job today....everyone loved them...Fenway was fabulous

Lyric and Uma Hanging out with my kids all over the place...I have had Lyric for about 2 weeks and he is up for adoption and did great meeting people..

more fun from with my kids while Lyric is in a downstay and Uma in the Place command

How  hot is this kid? Her name is Romy....daughter number 6 just turned 2

Some end of the day silliness with Billy and Frisbee

It was a great show...I talked to so many people...I always had a nice audience to speak was a 9am-9pm day but all worth it to spread the gospel of Jeff.