Triple the Readership blog readership has tripled since the flower and garden show...a few things to friends Neil and Samantha Best won Best in Show at the flower show they are from Magma Design Group

On another note I was just notified by Animal Print Magazine that I have won "Best Board and Train" facility.

Last night when I came home I was exhausted after my 100 hour week....I think what made it even more tired for me was the working the booth talking and talking and talking....and today the talking did not stop..I slept in until 6am and then got up, let dogs out...had breakfast and unloaded the van from the show...after that it was time to work the does not end...I had 2 clients at the beach today and it was so much fun.

Jenn with her dog Dakota a 6 month old GSD works on off leash recall with my dogs as distractions...after the lesson I brought Dakota with me for a 1 week intensive advanced training program...

Not quite Baywatch..but my beauties are coming out of the ocean after saving a frisbee from drowning

Exploring the rocks by the beach.and don't forget..wet rocks are slippery rocks

Tuesday is going to be another great training day..a new dog in the kennel...some great off leash training.....and a networking event tonight...I love networking events...all the suits acting proper...everyone so nicely dressed, showered and smelling nice and then me..smelling like dog and ocean water....but I work the room and get new contacts each time...have to keep the business going...