6 month old, of course he's trained

I have a great example of a dog that I started training at 8 weeks old, I have clients that hire me as soon as they bring home a puppy and with my basic 7 hour training package spread out over 4 months with a client sticking to my intense homework they have a fully trained dog at 6 months old.

That means that your dog can sit/stay, down/stay, heel, place and come when called. All without treats or food of any kind. The dog has great social skills with both people and other dogs, does not suffer from separation anxiety, does not show any aggression towards kids, adults or dogs.

Dakota is with me for a 1 week intensive advanced training to tighten up the basics and start working on off leash training. So when you ask me when should I start training my dog, 8 weeks is the answer. Don't wait until the dog is already learned all of the bad habits..you must instill the good habits asap...this does not mean that it is too late when the dog is older...I work with dogs from 1 year old to 12 years old with the same great results..but whey live through months and years of misery when I can help you get it right the first time.

Dakota enjoying some free time in the play yard

No that is not the loch ness monster...that is Max my male GSD who is out about 100 yards out retrieving a ball...yes it's the freezing ocean...oh well...Max loves to retrieve...he's my boy...

What are you looking at...yeah so I'm not 2 but I can train a dog just like Jeff...one of my clients daughters out at the beach with us doing some off leash training work

Uma after being in and out of the ocean for over an hour chasing tennis balls