Another Huge Success Story

This morning on my daily 4 mile training walk with my pack my phone rang (as usual) it was one of my clients who was also in the middle of a walk and had a question about some off leash heeling that she was working on with her dog. The day before we had met and did some training with her dog on off leash recall using a e-collar.

So after talking for a few minutes I hung up and went about my walk...had a very busy just 2 weeks is the RI Pet Show at the Providence Convention Center. I will be getting ready for the show where I will be doing 3 demos a day for 2 days on Intense Distraction Training.

Later in the afternoon I received the following email from the same client that called me in the am.

I just wanted to say thanks.  We had a awesome day today.  We did our 
first no leash walk.  Jake did the best heel he has ever done.  He 
listened and stayed in a heel through bikers, cars on the road, dead 
possums, squirrels running out in front of him and walking by lots of 
other dogs and people!    He even turned on a dime and came right away 
when he flushed birds out of a bush in the open field I was letting 
him play in. ( it was amazing!!!!)   If he didn't have such an 
attitude with kids I would swear you switched my dog!    I got such a 
rush it was the first time I saw some hope and really was able to 
enjoy the dog with confidence.       It was a great day!  Thanks again!


So thats pretty cool...

Did some great off leash recall training down on Gaspee Point today with a pug named Zeus.

Uma running to me after I called her

Zeus had a great time with Max, Uma and Lyric running on the beach

Lyric and Zeus share some H20 after the run on the beach..

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