Lots of Pictures, not much chit chat

It is late...I have a lot of photos to post so that is all I am going to get done before I get to bad...

Dakota doing a downstay in the middle of the training yard with lots of activity going on

Now thats a downstay.....Dakota is in a downstay while Roca and Billy wrestle around and bump into him impressive for 6 month old

Kelly a 15 week Bermese Mountain Dog meeting another one of my pack Lyric an 8 yr old Pit who is up for adoption...Kelly is a great example of a dog that I started working with at 8 weeks and is doing great

Remember this picture...since in  a short time this little girl will be tipping the scales at over 100lbs

a new dog came in from CT yesterday, she is a 6 month lab mix that is in for a 2 week intensive boot camp played all day with billy

Being originally from Tennessee ,Tara practices the art of Rottweiler tipping

Today Linda, Clover and Romy came with me on a off leash excursion with 6 dogs..all off leash...all running around...this is why we train dogs, to enjoy the freedom that the earth offers us...

Clover heading into the woods with Max and Dakota

Clover explaining to Romy the difference between Coyote and dog tracks

This is a cute photo of romy and roca running around the field

everyone getting ready to leave..we had a great day on the land...everyone running around...all getting along