Linda How I love thee, let me count the ways

After yesterdays posting Linda mentioned that she is never in the have put up some pictures of Linda.

I love you when you are hanging out on a teak adirondeck chair flashing me gang signs

I love you when I work a 7 day workweek and you want to spend time with me you come to one of my daily excursions with the dogs

I love you when let the kids make homemade pizza even when you are tired and stressed out

I love you when you sit and read books to the kids for 30 minutes while they sit on the potty trying to learn to use it.

I love you when you are rocking it like Pee Wee Herman

I love you when you when you make googly eyes at me

I love you because you can rock out in anything you don't look like the 35 years that you have spent on this are my best biggest fan...the mother to my children (i think i'm the father), you support me when I'm down and laugh at me and with me. You are the rock of this family and I love you for this...oh cook, clean, do laundry and put out.