Lyric is in the house

Lyric hs moved into the house for part of the day to work on his inside skills and is doing great.
Lyric is an 8 year old fixed male who i have been training since 2/1/09 and we are making incredible progress...Lyric is one of the stablest dogs I have ever worked with.

Lyric hangs out in PLACE in our kitchen while Romy and Clover. If you notice Lyric has a chew toy in front of him, I had the girls take turns having him drop it and then take the toy away from issues at all.

Lyric in a sit/stay in my office while clover and romy are being clover and romy LOL

Lyric getting some love from Clover while Coco supervises and wondering what the hell is this dog doing in the house.

This is Romy, she is 2 years old, she is my 6th daughter, she likes to help me in my office and in my kennel. Romy loves, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. This is Romy.