Austin, TX or bust

First thing this morning I brought Cinqo to TF Green Airport to ship him to Austin TX..he will be going to a new home. That makes 3 dogs I have adopted out this week...I am psyched about this....great homes for 3 dogs.

With the announcement of my seminar series things are rapidly...lots of marketing and PR...putting together the seminar will take 100's of hours, but once it is done and I fine tune it I will be heading out to other cities to spread the word. the first 24 hours of response after I posted my plans for the seminar have been incredible...with all of the readers I have on my blog...I am getting lots and lots of clients realize that I am not the type of trainer that sits in the audience listening to experts speak...but I am the expert that stands in front of everyone to listen to.....

6 of the 7 dogs that were all off leash today on the waterfront during a training session

Frisbee, who is one of the dogs that I adopted out this week...goes into the water to chase some swans

frisbee in a sit/stay with his new housemate zeus..they are getting along great..

Roca and Zeus heading into the ocean..zeus has so much fun with my pack...he is also the fittest pug I have ever met