Resource Guarding

2 days ago I received a call from one of my clients about their 15 week old BMD being HIGHLY aggressive with them when they tried to take a bone or chew toy first it was just one chew toy and then once they removed that one from the scene it became others. So...I was called and I told them not to let Kelly have any more chew toys until I got there.

this morning I arrived and we got the bone out that she was having resource guarding issues with, I did the same training technique that I do with "waiting for food" this worksheet is located on my Training Tips page.

Once we put the bone down..if she would go for it I would give the leash a pop and that would put her back into the sit command. Then I said OK and she would chew it...I would then say OUT and give the leash a pop and she would drop the bone and go back into the sit command...I would then pick up the bone....then I would put it down and then say OK and then she would eat it....then I would say OUT and without a leash pop she would sit up...she picked this up in minutes...what you see in the video is one of the owners doing the same thing..

Keep in mind that when I dog growls at us or tries to bite us when we go for its food or possessions  is important that you do this immediately or else you are training your dog to be aggressive around food.