Its all good

Sunday is not quite the end of the week for me since I work 7 days a week..but in the afternoon I don't do much kennel  dog training and all of the staff has the afternoon it is just a casual day for the dogs..they get to all play...sun themselves...and we do extra cleaning of the yard...smooth out the pea stones...fill in holes...

a couple of new dogs are in this week....I have a 13 month old akita in and its pretty cool to watch Roca and Hunter play...later in the day they really got into it playing like 2 polar bears up on their back legs.

Roca, Billy and Hunter having a great time running around

snooky..who is working on his off leash doing really well...when he comes running to me she has to dodge all of the dogs that want to run over and play with her...but she makes it...she is coming along really well

Zeus and Frisbee hanging out at home.....I just placed Frisbee into a home that Zeus lives in..they have known each other for 1 is incredible how dogs acclimate to new of the 3 dogs that I placed last week.