Back from NYC w/little white fluffy dog

Yesterday after a full day starting at 6am...and working with all of my kennel dogs and then also with clients..I headed to NYC to pick up a dog that is going to with me for a 2 week board and train....first I stopped at another clients apartment. I have many NYC clients and like to keep tabs on them...they needed a little help know and after arriving into Manhattan at 7pm I worked with them for about 30 minutes...fixed the issue and it was great to see Buckley and Tilly.

I stopped for dinner with Jessica (she came with me) then headed to pick up Wally...all went well. ...I arrived home at about 1:30am..let all of the dogs out...settled wally into his 2 week home and then went to bed.....after 3 hours sleep...up again and it did it all over again...I love this stuff...

Had a very busy day...I met with someone who I think is going to help me write a is interesting to talk with someone who can help me organize my thoughts, and spell correctly LOL..the pet show is this weekend and I'll be putting the booth together should only take a couple of hours..

Tara and Roca crowd around Wally who is having a very easy time fitting into his training home.

Billy and Hunter looking for something

Uma started doing bite work again........she has a great time

Uma is SOOOOOO focused on the decoy ready for my command to bark and then bite

Uma on the bite..