How do I begin

What a day....first thing this morning Linda and I found out that our 16 year old daughter Colleen that has been missing for the last 7 months was arrested by the RI State Police and is at the Training School...this is a good thing...if you have been following my blog for the last know that I put all of my life out there for all of you to see...why do I do this...because you all have followed me and cared about my family and I. I also feel  that one of the many reasons that I am so popular of a trainer because of the realness that I have. I have 6 daughters and I am proud to share my life. Colleen has gone through her ups and downs over the last few years...about 1 year ago we put her in a rehab facility....she often would run away, get caught put in the Training School and then released, put in rehab and then run away....the last time she ran and could not be found....she had been missing for 7 months..we are not sure what happened the past 24 hours..but we do know that she will be at the Training School for at least 1 year and hopefully she can get some help..thank you all for your words of support over the last 7 months.

So...after that I took my pack on a 4 mile was the first time for 3 of the dogs to be in the pack and they did great.

After a 4 mile walk we all headed out to the land in Rehoboth for some off leash was great...below are pictures from today

I'm contemplating the call of the wild

Can you spot the dog in the picture? LOL

Where Jeff goes so do the dogs...its just that way..

Roca has such an interesting cadence..if you look closely....he only has his front left paw on the ground and all others are up in the air

Wally just came to me from about 20 feet away...he is doing great with his off leash recall...this is one of the greatest training exercises that we leash recall training...during the course of a 1 hour excursion each dog is comes to us about 20 times and then is sent back out to play....

Can you find the pack leader in this picture....

Roca....doesn't quite look like a dog that mauled his previous owner does he...don't be fooled

off leash means off when we approach the van do we put the leashes on?

Do I put the leashes on now? hold on...isn't that a busy road 10 feet away?

all dogs stay on the sliding door side of the van as to not go into traffic...why? because I said so!!! Follow the rules or you do't get to travel with my pack.

after we loaded up the dogs we looked down the road and saw 2 horses...they escaped from their home...saw animal control came and contacted the owner who came and got them..

after all that activity the dogs are out cold..and it isn't even noon yet....