Bite me once, Bite me twice, OUCH!!!!

On Saturday I was bit by a clients dog on the inner big deal...of course it hurt..but I didn't show the pain or the dog would take advantage of me...

Today....I get bit again by another dog....nice big bite in the same really inner thigh...(note to self, by a jockstrap with cup in the am)

Max and Uma running through the woods in between clients

Wally who needs a grooming the PLACE command at my office...he is doing really well with his training and is going back to NYC this week..

check out my 8 pack and without doing 1 situp   this is midway on our morning 4 mile walk....hooyah

Wally in the van after the walk patiently waiting for his turn at the water bucket in the van...

if anyone wants to speak to me  in person feel free to stop by my booth at the Holistic Expo this Sunday at Twin Rivers from 11am-5pm

I will also be doing a short seminar at 1:15pm....feel free to stop by say HI, purchase tickets 2 for 1 for my May 16th seminar..bring me flowers, food, coffee..