Going Home

the huskies went home this morning and Wally goes home wed...back to NYC road trip...

Collleen picking up her dogs this morning..they did great...

Uma, Max and Bella out cold after a morning of off leash running

Wally and Roca meet one of my clients dog who just came over at 7:30 this morning to work her 2 dogs with my pack.

Roca and Wally start the day off with a nice little fight

This is what my coffee breaks look like....I love my job...what job...I mean my life

Roca removing parts of Wally's neck that he just does not need anymore

someone looks like they are having a good time..this is one of my clients 2 boxers who came over this morning since her dogs had aggression issues with other dogs...they both learned how to great othe dogs and they did great this morning

Doing a sit/stay in the middle of the training yard with every othe dog off leash and running around

another boxer and another sit/stay...