Wally went back to NYC

Last night Wally went back to NYC, I brought Catherine and Jessica with me and we were able to get the outline together for my upcoming seminar, Wally had a great last day...we trained up until the last hour and he showed off his new skills back in NYC. He did a great job and I am so proud of him.

Wally running through the woods enjoying his last day in the country.

Hey guys...what do you see...Hey guys what is it...let me see...let me see

Wally's last day and Lola's first...transition is good

what are you looking at? this is what boxers are supposed to look like...stop staring at me

this is a picture of my inner left thigh...the top puncture is from 1 dog bite and the bottom puncture is from the second dog bite....the bruising  is about 8 inches wide....

One of my clients emailed me this picture of her dogs that obviously have an understanding of the sit/stay command