Like Tony the Tiger Says....You're Greaaaaat!!!!!

My father instilled a great work ethic into me since I was a young boy.. has always told me not to do things for a thank you....or even expect one..but when one of my clients writes me a testimonial I am so touched.

At around 9pm I was out for a run in my neighborhood with my two dogs, a yellow lab named Spinnaker and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever- Moonbat.  I live on a small island that consists of ½ reservation land.  As I turned the corner to my street Spinnaker gave me a pull back and an alarming bark.  A Coyote had come out of the woods and was staring at us not seeming to be threatened by my noise and the 2 dogs.  After establishing that it was not going to attack, I quickly commanded them in a heel and took off for the next street in an attempt to get back home.  That coyote was 20 ft behind us for the ¾ mile run (did I mention my speed?) back to my house it followed us up my driveway.  Good story?  My point is that I was in command of my dogs, they did not veer from my command they kept pace with me. 

Now examine a typical evening around 5:30pm with 3 kids under 4 (1 infant) at the dinner table.  The dogs willfully try to position them selves for droppings.  My husband or I turn towards the table and say “place”.   Amidst all the commotion both dogs run to their respective spots.  I can do this anywhere.. in my office, at Thanksgiving dinner.  They listen are happy and all is well.  Don’t get me wrong I am not a drill sergeant but there is much more harmony in our house with this type of structure.   I could go on and on about how they also go to work with me and sit in my class of 200 with so many students wanting to play with them yet they sit there peacefully until I release them with a command. Oh and lets not forget going to the vet with 2 dogs and 3 kids and having the best behaved dogs in the waiting room.

These small stories should be enough to get anyone to sign on for this type of training?  Jeff’s approach to training is so realistic.  I have done in class training in the past and that works in class but that is not the “Real World”.  The real world has lots of people moving, speaking, cars, and all other sorts of motions and sounds.  Think of a baby that hears a loud truck for the 1st time, well a dog too has to become accustomed to these things and learn how to behave especially to keep them safe.  Jeff will work with you and your dogs to teach them basic commands. Most importantly, Jeff works with you to have the dogs fit into your lifestyle which demands a lot of distraction training as well.

In our family our dogs go everywhere with us, vacations, work, swimming, hiking, and sailing.  Jeff has worked with us to establish voice and hand signals to keep harmony with the pets and people.  He has specifically worked with my children on having them learn proper interactions. These select training tools have enhanced our enjoyment with our dogs, and although they cannot speak, I assume by their mannerisms that our dogs are happier as well.  

My random meeting with Jeff (in all places REI) has been a godsend, I highly recommend that you work with him and enjoy the maximum benefits of owning a well trained dog.


Yesterday I had some new lettering put onto my van...I am going to be adding more graphics to the van but I have to get some body work done first.

The folks at Graphic Innovations do all of my truck graphics and trade show graphics..they are great for all of your large scale  graphic needs.