Relaxing Day

Yesterday was interesting..I did not schedule any clients ..the reason being is that Linda was going to go to NYC with one of my daughters (Olivia) and pick up things from her apartment. Olivia is going to stop modeling for the moment and travel. She was in Costa Rica for 5 weeks and got the travel bug. So she is cleaning out her loft and then riding on a biodiesel bus to Austin TX for a month and then heading out to San Francisco. This is good for her to do...anyway...I was going to just hang out at home with Romy and Clover and all my dogs...but....Linda did not end up going to after a big 4 mile walk and coming home and working on my PowerPoint presentation I headed out to the land for some relaxing wandering

If you look closely in the bottom left corner.that is Piper...he is with me just for a few days over the Easter Weekend..he is rolling around in the grass so he can smell more like nature...

the dogs are out looking for the is Passover.....look it up if you don't get it

I'm picking all kinds of eye buggers out of Roca...this is good since he used to always attack me when I put my hands by his face....Piper is supervising my work...or maybe he wants the eye buggers for a little wilderness snack

Roca has little dreadlocks behind his ears since we have a hard time brushing them I have to pull them out by hand..

Piper and I sun ourselves on my favorite rock...i can sit here even when it is muddy out and just watch the dogs run around the field.