Off Leash Easter

Easter seems to be a busy day for me..5 on the road clients and 3 of them we worked on off -leash work. It was was a great learning day for dog and owner. If you have not worked with me yet on off leash work at fields, parks or in the woods watching your dog run free and then ALWAYS coming back to you. It is incredible to watch your dog run with my pack and enjoy the true nature of being a dog

one of my clients with his GSD walking through an open field with my dogs...his dog is in an off leash heal with no leash on and my dogs are acting as a distraction. His dog has not been doing well with other dogs either and this is also a social skill building exercise.

another great photo of the control my client has established OFF LEASH with his dogs just run free in front of and behind his dog acting as a distraction..I am so proud of this family they are doing a great job..

one of my clients dogs who was not good with recall or with other what do I do? release 4 dogs from my van to see what would five minutes he was good with dogs and came back when he was called...look at the size of that Easter Egg!!!!

Piper who rides in the van with my pack so he can get training all day with different clients also has to roll around every new area we go to in order to get the scent on him.

I have a client that wants to take his dog off leash mountain first we have to teach the off leash recall..we spent an hour in the Big River mgmt area walking the trails working on time we do it on was great.....

we came across this skull listening to some tunes..

Even when I am reading the paper...I work my clients dogs...Piper in Place command..what you dont see is my kids running around being kids...going up to piper and petting him.