Day of Transformation

Today was a day of transformation...I am putting up lots of pictures today..sorry if the site loads slow today...first I have some pictures from yesterday..clover and romy spent a good part of the day outside playing in the dog yard...its late...i just want to get the photos up and then go to bed...

Romy dragging around a 12 pound bowling bowl...that the dogs use as a play toy

Clover raking dirt over a hole that roca

Roca wonders where his big hole went

vegas and roca get into a fight

I of my new staff members Catherine has a dog that is not the best around people and dogs (barking& lunging) so my goal is to get this dog to be good around other dogs and well as off leash recall in order to open up the true spirit in him. So...we go to the land today for an incredible transformation....the following pictures will illustrate what I did...and within 1 hour this dog who goes after other dogs trying to fight, maul, etc.....

I start off with Java on a 30 foot lead.since I want to work with his recall as well as break up a potential fight...but I know that I have to get him off the lead ASAP, since dogs on leads can act aggressive towards other dogs since they can not get away....Java also has an ecollar on so I can also train off leash recall...

after working him for about 10 minutes on the long line and the ecollar and making sure he understand the COME command and came to me/catherine when he was called..i took off the longline and switched him to a 5 foot leash and let it drag. By this time he was also understanding proper dog/dog play and behavior

I would call different dogs over to me at random times...hey look who is coming to me....2 rottys...billy and is understanding proper pack behavior...he is being transformed by my pack

hey look....Java joins my pack for a walk through the attacking of other dogs etc....

Catherine and her dog Java....both of them opening up their spirit and enjoying the outdoors...I am not sure if they have ever done this off leash before.

Thats Java to the right of Roca my Akita....mmmmm...someone is being a dog ..enjoying the outdoors...enjoying the other dogs and listening to Catherine

Java rides in the back of the van with 4 other fights...not issues.....this happened on day 1, total time with my pack about 90 minutes.....transformation