Protection Training

So...what do I do when I am not training dogs...Uma who is my female GSD also trains in protection work. If you are not familiar with this it is the training of a dog to bark and bite on command. This is done with a decoy who is protected with specific gear to keep him/her safe....Uma loves this work....she has so much is great to see her so happy.

I will walk you through what went on tonight

Uma concentrating on the decoy...she cant wait to bite

Uma waiting until I give the bark or the bite command

I give Uma the bark command the she immediately goes into her barking mode with a intense threatening bark that she was trained to do. The decoy (also named Jeff) is getting her nice and agitated

Then I give her the bite command and she immediately lunges at Jeff with a bite to the arm. She has learned to bite nice and hard with her whole mouth and not just her front teeth. She pulls and pulls her bite can crush bone and tear is an intense bite that we have worked on.

I give her the release command and then the down command and she waits for my next command

I get ready to send Uma out with the decoy 25 feet she runs across the field and leaps through the air for the bite...this would simulate someone running away that needed to be stopped

Uma does a succesful bite

I give Uma the release command and she goes into a down....she will not move until the decoy moves...this simulates if the criminal is told to freeze, the dog will not attack..but as soon as the criminal moves Uma will attack..she does this without being told...

The decoy moves and Uma jumps up and bites without any command

Uma after having a successful set of bites...she loves this