Whats in a title

I could not think of a title for todays blog...

I worked with a client today that has 2 of her own dogs and then takes care of the dog across the street as well. So getting control of her mini pack was the task at hand....they all did GREAT...we worked on downstays and recall in the backyard with 3 of my dogs acting as distractions and then worked on heeling all 3 dogs at once....

It was a huge success, of course, we all had fun and I left very excited for the whole family

al of us working on a downstay....that is Vegas with me, he is in a 2 week bootcamp and I bring him to all my clients so he gets a TON of training. We are all looking at 2 squirrels mating...have you ever heard the nosie they make...now thats a distraction

more downstays with Uma running around as a distraction Max is also somewhere running and playing in the yard

Max and Uma run right by all of the dogs and no one moves...this is a downstay

another downstay with Max and Uma acting as distractions.....keep in mind that these dogs learn how to down just 7 days ago at our last session...my training system without using food/clickers or any bribes is highly effective...and come to think of it no one praised their dogs during the whole session....which is fine...no need to...dogs are supposed to do what we tell them to do

we bring the dogs out for a short walk....and work on our downstay in the middle of the street

what is that...a 3 dog heel....wow...a month ago..they could not walk one dog down the street and today all 3 walk in a loose leach heel

outside sit/stay with lots of distractions, cars going by, dogs barking and all of us walking around them