Mountain Biking Madness

I had a very long day....12 hours on the road...7 clients...200 miles driven and one of my last clients was someone who wants his dog to run off leash with him when he goes mountain biking...he wants to make sure that his dog comes back while on the trail.

I'm riding a mountain bike behind the dogs while Peter rides in front...we ended up doing about 6 miles and the dogs ran the whole time

Water break...

more off leash work with clients.....this is after a great training what are dogs supposed to be doing while the humans schedule the next session....just hang out and wait.

bella the poodle

 is working on recall with her owner while I have 3 dogs running around as distractions

Max just hanging out

Meatball who is deaf is working on his downstay...we have been working on some awesome training.

Kelly who is a 5 month old Bernese Mountain Dog working on recall...hey does anyone else see the crop circle?

Kelly is one of the most incredible dogs I have trained..this is a great example of a dog that will be fully trained by 6 months of age...