Mud on your shoes

Today linda had to run out so of course Romy and Clover hung out in the training yard with me to play while the dogs played. It is so great for all of dogs to be around little kids so they learn....even Vegas who I have had for a little over a week...he gave them plenty of space and got used to them real quick.....the girls played in their favorite hole, which is also Roca's favorite hole, the issue is that it rained so hard yesterday that it filled up with of course I let them play in the mud and below is the results

Romy  hanging out with Max...this is when she first started out playing..nice and clean...Pete is the boxer in the photo and he is up for adoption..I always have the kids run around the training yard to make sure the dogs understand not to chase running children

Clover and Romy start in on the mudhole

Pete getting some love from he kids..the girls love putting stones into the poles

dogs just love hanging out...this is what dogs who get plenty of exercise and training do....they hang out and just hang

Romy is laughing at the poop joke that Clover just told.....the same joke put Pete too sleep


seen one muddy seen them all....wake me up when something exciting happens

One of my clients children with 2 beautiful  Dobies