Even my 4 year old can train your dog

How easy is it to train your dog using my training system....so easy I often use my kids to train the dogs....one of my Boot Camp dogs Vegas is in his 2nd week with me...he had the bad habit of chasing cars and people and barking at them and biting them....he was extremely timid to the point of neurotic and his dog/dog social skills were not good. He was horrible around kids and most anyone else who wanted to get close to him..

Clover working with Vegas on his heel command

When she comes to a stop and the dog does not sit, Clover knows to pop up the leash to get the dog to sit

Clover then tells Vegas to down and she pushes the leash towards the ground and he downs

Clover then takes Vegas over to her sand box, downs him and then plays in the sand...could you imagine if she had to hold a clicker and treats and train this dog..instead she has the Solid K9 Training philosophy of "Do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it" less than 2 weeks ago....Vegas would be barking and biting Clover and after a 2 week boot camp we get this...a 4 year old running Vegas through his commands in the real world

Romy climbing up to the top of the slide..if you remember from last summer when I installed  the slide I did not put in a set of stairs, so if the kids want to get up they have to climb the rock wall...

After a succesful climb Romy surveys the dogs

Romy loves to jump off of the things...she jumps off the chair in the training yard

Another Hallmark card photo...in the morning we did some off leash training at a field in MA, and Vegas and Roca take a break in the shade

Vegas stands guard and Roca passes out from the heat...Max and Uma went for water, while one of my other dogs calls 911 and since I am a proffessional I don't put down the camera, I need to document this once and a lifetime event of dogs helping dogs

More off leash work, if your dog cannot be off leash yet you might want to call me so you can enjoy days like this

Romy wont even stop to change her diaper while she is training Pete..so like a jet being refueled in the air Romy gets a diaper changed while she is working....that kid has some work ethic...my 2 year old dog training assistant..with Pete, who is up for adoption...loves being around the kids