Why do I need to train the sit/stay?

I often get asked during the training why I dog needs to learn a certain command, the sit/stay is  a very important command and below is a great example of why it is important....tonight we did a 4 miler (the second of the day) and Linda,Romy and Clover came with us. While Linda was getting the kids out of the car all of the dogs were in a sit/stay waiting for them to get ready. Traffic was zipping by just feet from them along with bikes and runners without moving.



Pete Hanging out with Clover and Romy.....He is sooooooooo great with kids, and he is up for adoption

Romy doing some quick geometry to figure out the height and rate of speed she needs in order to clear Pete, knowing that Romy still does not know how to figure out the circumference of a circle..he has one eye open and one closed just in case

the kids enjoying the spring and the blooming of the trees in the yard


one of my clients whose dog does not hang out with many dogs is being socialized with my dogs..we worked on off leash recall that day....and she is single if anyone is interested

one of my clients with his GSD (to the front left) working on off leash recall with 4 of my dogs to act as distractions